2013 Awards Application

The Alliance for Unity is a group of Utah civic, religious, and business leaders committed to strengthening and unifying our communities. The Alliance is pleased to announce that its Unity Awards will again be available in 2013. The Alliance will provide up to twenty scholarships of $2,000 each to worthy graduating seniors in Utah high schools who otherwise would be unable to obtain a desired post-secondary education. Awards may be applied to expenses for attending any university, college, technology institute, or trade school of a student's choice.

The most competitive applications will document:

  • Family income that qualifies for free or reduced lunch in Utah high schools
  • Minimum grade-point average in high school of 2.5
  • Status as a graduating Utah high school senior who has been accepted for post-secondary education
  • Consistent after-school work history
  • Evidence of good citizenship and promotion of the values of unity, civility, and respect for others, as expressed in the Alliance's mission statement (below)

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Alliance for Unity Mission Statement

  • We seek to foster a more unified community in which all Utahns are included and valued, regardless of affiliations or differences.
  • We recognize and accept that there are religious, political, and cultural differences in our community and encourage respect and civility in public discourse and actions, especially when we disagree.
  • We support opportunities for people with differences to understand and appreciate one another.
  • We are committed to making Utah a place where diverse people work together to solve community problems.
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